Traditional Flowers for Mother’s Day Around the World

Choosing the perfect flowers to send for Mother’s Day is an act of love and appreciation. Whether you’re sending a vibrant bouquet or a single bloom – at RussianFlora we know that each flower carries a special message that honor the women in our lives. Through the language of flowers, we will share some of the best traditional flowers for Mother’s Day. Let these blooms make this Mother’s Day unforgettable, whether your mom is near, far, or held dearly in memories.

The celebration of Mother’s Day is a heartfelt tradition that unites everyone in showing love and appreciation for mothers. All around the world, people fill this day with gratitude towards the maternal figures who have shaped their lives. Show your mom just how much she means to you with a gift that grows in beauty and love.

Exploring traditional flowers for Mother's Day.

Why are there different dates for Mother’s Day around the world?

Mother’s Day has different dates around the world. The second Sunday in May stands as the most widely celebrated date, with 65 nations observing it. Others have woven this modern celebration into their age-old traditions. Marking the occasion on dates significant to their cultural heritage. For example, Mother’s Day in Russia falls on the last Sunday of November.

International Women’s Day serves a similar purpose in some cultures, honoring women and mothers alike with festivities and recognition. This diversity in celebration dates enriches our understanding of motherhood, which transcends borders and cultures. 

What is the Traditional Flower for Mother’s Day?

In many countries around the world, carnations are traditional flowers for Mother's day.

Carnations are the traditional flower for Mother’s Day. Renowned for their variety of colors, these flowers embody deep symbolic meanings, making them exceptionally meaningful for Mother’s Day celebrations. Here’s how each color of carnation expresses a unique sentiment:

  • Pink Carnations: Symbolize a mother’s undying love, making them a quintessential choice for Mother’s Day.
  • Red Carnations: Represent admiration and deep affection, perfect for expressing heartfelt respect and love.
  • White Carnations: Stand for pure love and beauty, often chosen to honor and remember mothers who have passed.

These nuanced meanings make carnations a deeply personal and thoughtful addition when sending a Mother’s Day floral arrangement.

What are the Most Popular Traditional Flowers for Mothers Day? 


Carnations are a globally cherished choice for Mother’s Day, celebrated for their beauty, affordability, and symbolism of love. When sending flowers in the United States, pink carnations are a particularly popular choice, symbolizing a mother’s love. While it is common for people to wear white carnations to honor deceased mothers.

Meanwhile in Russia, people mark Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of November, which falls on November 24, 2024, this year. And, these flowers are equally significant to the celebrations. Carnations offer a timeless expression of affection, making them an ideal pick for conveying deep emotional messages.


Chrysanthemums symbolize honesty, loyalty, and the vibrant energy of the sun. These blooms are the perfect reflection of the beauty and vitality of motherhood. Mother’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Chrysanthemums are a popular flower choice for expressing and love on this special day. The full, bright blooms make it a heartfelt gift for Ukrainian mothers.

In Australia, the tradition of giving these flowers dates back to 1924. Initiated by Janet Heyden in the aftermath of World War 1, she started a campaign to provide gifts to mothers who had lost their husbands and sons. Embedding the practice of gift-giving into Australian Mother’s Day celebrations. Today, the connection to chrysanthemums is even more pronounced. These flowers are popular for Mother’s Day as they are in abundance in early May.

Here’s an interesting fact: Chrysanthemums or ‘chrissies’ are regarded as the traditional Mother’s Day flower in Australia because they end with the word ‘mum’.

Discover a variety of things you didn’t know about Chrysanthemums in our secret life of flowers series.


Roses have long been cherished as traditional flowers for Mother’s Day due to their universal symbolism of love, beauty, and appreciation. Their wide range of colors allows each rose to convey a specific emotion, making them a versatile and meaningful choice for this special day. The symbolic meaning of roses make them a favorite for expressing profound admiration towards mothers.

In Mexico, Mother’s Day, or Día de las Madres, is a vibrant celebration held annually on May 10th. A special occasion filled with music, food, and flowers, regardless of what day of the week it falls on. Red roses play a central role in these festivities, serving as a symbol of deep love and respect. Families often start the day by serenading their mothers with traditional songs like “Las Mañanitas,” while gifting them roses.

In Japan, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, where the tradition also includes gifting flowers, particularly red carnations and roses. The choice of red roses is significant, echoing the same sentiments of love and reverence as in Mexico. 

Whether in the vibrant festivities of Mexico or the serene celebrations in Japan, roses remain a universal symbol of appreciation and adoration on Mother’s Day.

More Traditional Flowers for Mother’s Day 

  • Tulips: Known for their elegance and sophistication, tulips have become a contemporary choice for Mother’s Day. They are versatile blooms, fitting beautifully in both short and tall vases.
  • Lilies: Symbolize motherhood and fertility across many cultures, making them a meaningful and popular choice. Lilies are also admired for their lasting beauty with minimal care.
  • Orchids: Representing strength and love, qualities often attributed to mothers. Their unique appearance and longevity make them a favored modern gift for Mother’s Day.

What Flower Symbolizes a Mother’s Love?

When it comes to embodying the essence of motherhood, few flowers speak as powerfully as the lily. Known for their tall, bold, and vibrant appearance, lilies are widely recognized as symbols of motherhood and fertility, making them an ideal choice for expressing your love and gratitude to your mom. They’re perfect for making a striking statement on Mother’s Day and ensuring your mom feels truly celebrated.

For those who prefer to wear a flower as a tribute, the traditional choice is a carnation. Wearing a colored carnation is a beautiful way to honor your mother’s presence and influence in your life, while a white carnation is traditionally worn to remember and honor a mother who has passed away.

Sending a lily to your mom on Mother's Day is a wonderful gift.

Here at RussianFlora, we’re sending out our warmest wishes to all the remarkable mothers out there. We invite you to join us in making this Mother’s Day special with a thoughtful gesture of love—a beautiful bouquet of traditional flowers for Mother’s Day.  

Explore our selection of Mother’s Day flowers and gifts that can be sent internationally. We guarantee that even the most distant moms will receive nothing but the best on their special day. 

You’ve learned about Traditional Flowers for Mother’s Day Around the World. So, what’s next?

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