Orthodox Easter Facts You Didn’t Know

Even though the Western world has already celebrated Easter, according to Orthodox tradition, Easter is still to come. The difference between the two Easter dates is based on a calculation that considers two calendars. Catholic Easter is based on the Gregorian calendar, whereas the Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. There are some similarities in observing the holiday in both cultures but there are also a lot of significant differences that will surprise you.

Orthodox Easter, also known as Pascha, stands as a beacon of spiritual renewal and rich cultural celebration. Pascha is not only a religious event but also a time when communities come together to affirm their faith and cultural heritage. In this blog we will delve into the rich and beautiful traditions of Orthodox Easter, exploring how this tradition weaves its way through many Eastern Christian societies.

Here are some interesting facts about Orthodox Easter you didn’t know:

Orthodox Easter Facts You Didn't Know

 Orthodox Easter Facts

  • – Orthodox Easter, or Pascha holds a profound significance for both the devout and the secular Russian and Ukrainian cultures. This major religious event not only celebrates spiritual renewal but fosters an opportunity for community bonding and cultural heritage.
  • – The lead-up to Pascha is marked by the Great Lent. A 40-day fasting period, which serves as a time for spiritual reflection. During this period, adherents abstain from meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and alcohol. The fast culminates on Easter Sunday, signaling a time of renewal and celebration.
  • – One of the most heartfelt and cherished practices during Orthodox Easter includes the Easter Mass. Adherents bring decorated baskets filled with special foods like Pascha bread, Kulich (a tall, cylindrical bread that is sweet) along with colored eggs, wine and salt. Each item holds symbolic meaning for the Easter Mass. The bread represents Jesus Christ as the bread of life, while the wine is his blood, and the salt is a symbol of preservation. These items are then blessed by the priest, which worshippers consume at the first meal after Lent.
  • – The practice of decorating eggs for Orthodox Easter is not merely for visual appeal, but a deeply symbolic ritual. In Orthodox tradition, colored eggs represent new life and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. People often use onion peels as a natural method for dyeing eggs. For instance, onion peels are used to create a golden-brown color. Parsley is set onto the eggs before dyeing to create beautiful green patterns. As a result, each egg is a unique piece of art that carries religious significance.
  • – Orthodox Easter is also a time for remembering deceased loved ones. People often visit cemeteries where they clean and care for the grave, before setting down vibrant colored eggs, Pascha bread and flowers.
  • – Orthodox Easter traditions are enveloped in joyful greetings. Most notably the call and response is: “Christ is risen!” and “Truly he is risen!”. This exchange affirms the central belief of Christianity – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

More Interesting Facts:

  • One of the most visually appealing aspects of Pascha is the Midnight Procession. On Holy Saturday, just before midnight, congregations gather outside their churches with lit candles, creating a sea of light under the night sky. As the clock strikes twelve, the priest announces the Resurrection of Christ with a joyous proclamation. This ceremony symbolizes the believers’ journey from darkness into light, echoing the resurrection of Christ.
  • – Following the proclamation of Jesus’ resurrection during the Easter service, it is customary for the clergy and the congregation to exchange the “Easter Kiss“. This act symbolizes forgiveness, reconciliation, and the unity of all people in the love of Christ. It serves as a reminder of the new life and hope that Easter promises to the faithful.

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