International Women’s Day in Russia

International Women’s Day in Russia is celebrated on the 8th of March. This tradition goes back to 1910, when Klara Tsetkin declared this day as a day of solidarity and the fight of women for equal rights at the conference in Copenhagen. For a long time, March 8 was a day when women organized demonstrations to demand of all sorts of freedoms. However, the rebellious calls for collective fighting calmed down, and now International Women’s Day in Russia is a festival of spring.

The symbol of this holiday is the fragrant mimosa blossom, which expresses sensitivity, and the first March flowers – tulips and daffodils with the meaning of love and respect. Every man gives flowers for International Women’s Day to their moms, sweethearts, sisters and daughters. From the early age boys in Russia are trained to give flowers to the girls and there exists a special tradition at school according to which boys should present their female classmates as well as teachers with flowers.

When you give flowers for Women’s Day you should take into consideration the age of the woman and your relations. Tulips are perfect for this holiday, but this is the color that makes all the difference. It’s better to give pink and yellow tulips as well as multicolored bouquets to younger women, while older women prefer red tulips. Your mother, mother-in-law, female colleague, boss or teacher would be really pleased to receive classical flower basket but you can be braver with the romantic flower arrangement to your beloved one. You are free to experiment and the best way to do so is to create your own custom bouquet taking into consideration her favorite flowers and colors. Russian women are crazy about surprises and will definitely appreciate you witty gesture. However, flowers are not the only presents for Women’s Day in Russia. Men can choose to give whatever they wish as gifts. There are plenty of gift baskets to any taste which can be given to both near relations and mere acquaintances. You don’t have to know about the taste of your Russian woman to please her with the Women’s Day gift basket, because not a single woman can resist a luxurious fruit basket, exclusive gourmet basket or finger-licking chocolate basket.

Along with giving flowers and gifts, on this day, men try to be really nice with women, show their love and care. They take over all household chores, lay a festive table for their sweethearts or order a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant.

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