International Women’s Day Gifts to Russia & CIS

It’s no secret that one of the most beautiful women in the world    live in Eastern Europe. Once a year all Eastern Europe including Russia, Ukraine and CIS commemorate all women on one of the brightest spring holidays of the season International Women’s Day, observed on March, 8. The holiday used to have a political context but lost it many years ago and now it is  also referred to as a Holiday of Spring, the day when men express their love and respect to the women of all ages, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, teachers, business associates, presenting them with special Women’s Day gifts to Russia and flowers. Flowers are the integral part of the holiday. The most popular flowers for Women’s Day to Russia and Ukraine are tulips, roses and other spring flowers.

In our gifts to Russia catalog you can find plenty of flower bouquets and flower gift sets for International Women’s Day for your special lady in Russia, Ukraine and CIS:

  • Red Tulips Selection: The most traditional flower arrangement for Women’s Day should definitely include tulips the symbol of the holiday. Tulips will bring your dear recipient the freshness of spring and will make them feel beloved and happy.
  • Teddy With Chocolate Gifts: Looking for a cute gift idea for your wife, girlfriend, or date? This adorable teddy bear will sure make her smile and think of you every time she looks at it! It holds a colorful spring bouquet and chocolates to make her day even brighter and sweeter.
  • Women’s Day Tray: Your mother, grandmother, sister, mother-in-law or cousin will appreciate this tasty and beautifully arranged tray that features a variety of fruit and chocolates – something sweet and something healthy, all in one.
  • Lovely Lilies and Chocolate Sweetness: The perfect combination of flowers and chocolates for your female colleagues and business partners, it will decorate their office and help make your business relationship special without crossing the line.

For more Women’s Day gift ideas check out our Women’s Day Catalog!

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