International Teachers Day: How to Celebrate Teachers This Year

Educators hold a vital position in society. Given that learning is a fundamental part of life and a pivotal aspect of every child’s development. Teachers hold the responsibility of imparting knowledge to the future generations. To acknowledge the hard work of those in the education sector, International Teachers Day is celebrated worldwide. 

October 5, 2023 marks the 29th anniversary of World Teachers Day. With celebrations taking place all over the globe, International Teachers Day presents an excellent occasion to honor our educators. Along with the ways they have dedicated their lives to nurturing potential and shaping young minds. We at Russianflora have taken a deep dive into the history and importance of the occasion. Along with new and creative ways to celebrate teaching staff around the world. 

International Teachers Day: child raising her hand in the classroom with the teacher in front

The History and Origin of International Teachers Day 

The roots of International Teachers Day can be traced back to 1966. UNESCO and the International Labor Organization set forth to create the seminal guidelines relating to the rights and responsibilities of teachers. And, October 5th was marked as International Teachers Day. Since then, the date has served as a platform to highlight the achievements and impact of educators worldwide. 

Every year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), runs the campaign and sets a theme. For International teachers day in 2023, the theme is, Teachers: leading in crisis, re-imagining the future. 

Why Celebrate International Teachers Day? 

As you know, teachers play a critical role in the educational journey of others, and that’s worth celebrating everyday. Russianflora is a huge champion of people in the education sector, which is why we encourage you to celebrate the teachers in your life as much as possible. 

Celebrating International Teachers Day is more than just a mark of respect. It’s an acknowledgement of the incredible impact teachers have on society. Here’s why the celebration is essential:

Shaping Futures

Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the minds and attitudes of the future leaders in the next generation. Their work extends far beyond the classroom, guiding students in personal growth and preparations for life’s challenges.

Catalysts for Change

Throughout history, educators have been at the forefront of societal change. Through their teaching, they instill values of tolerance, equity, and critical thinking. Which ripples outwards to make communities and nations progressive and forward thinking.  

Traditional Ways of Celebrating International Teachers Day 

It is common for schools to host assemblies and functions in respect of their teachers. The gatherings provide a platform for students, parents and principals to express their gratitude towards the hardworking teaching staff. 

International Teachers Day: Group Of Elementary School Pupils Giving Female Teacher Thank You Gift Of Flowers

Token Gifts and Messages of Appreciation 

Apart from ceremonies, it is also customary for students to give their educators gifts, heartfelt cards, and personal messages of appreciation. “Thank You” flowers and gifts are a thoughtful gesture to express appreciation. As well as strengthen the bond you share with them. Giving gifts such as fruit baskets, cakes and chocolates on World Teachers Day are a simple way to make their day a little sweeter. 

However small the gesture, these tokens of appreciation carry a deep significance. If you know a teacher who has inspired you or your child life in some way, why not communicate your respect and admiration with a thoughtful gift

New and Creative Ways to Celebrate Teachers This Year 

As we draw closer to the special day, you may be wondering how to celebrate teachers at school. As the dynamic of education shifts, so do the ways in which we pay our respect to teachers. Here are a few innovative approaches to celebrating the heroes of the classrooms:

Virtual appreciation events for online educators – This is a dedication to the online educators who have been the beacon of resilience and adaptability during the online learning era. Virtual appreciation events are a simple way to get the classroom together and surprise your teacher. These can be live streamed ceremonies, webinars for students and parents to join, as well as social media campaigns to congratulate their efforts. 

Encouraging students to create digital appreciation cards, videos or social media campaigns – With the digital era in full swing, students are encouraged to craft digital appreciation cards, stirring videos, or even start social media campaigns that spotlight the positive impact their teachers have made in their lives. 

What Are The Best Gifts For Teachers 

The best gifts for teachers are heartfelt and practical. Personalized gifts for example allows you to curate a basket filled with their favorite items and treats. Whether it’s a custom chocolate basket, or a custom bouquet of flowers that they love, you can give a gift you know they will love.

Gift Certificates are the gifts that keep on giving. Your teacher will have the opportunity to choose the items they want from our extensive catalog. 

A set of gourmet teas, or coffee for the connoisseur, or perhaps accessories that caters to their professional needs in the classroom. These are all gifts that can easily resonate with your teacher’s personality and taste. 

International Teachers Day

Now that you know how to celebrate International Teachers Day, go ahead and make this day special for the teachers in your life! Here’s what to do next 

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