How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

It’s summer time, flowers are blooming and we particularly enjoy having them at home or office decorating the space and cheer us up. Whether you are cutting flowers from your own garden, buying them from a flower shop or receiving bouquets as a gift, you want your cut flowers to last as long as possible. Here are some tips proven to help cut flowers please your eyes and senses for a long time.

– The most important ingredient for fresh flowers is fresh, clean water. Putting in the water flower food, copper penny, aspirin, vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic ingredients will preserve it from bacteria, yeasts, and fungi thus making your flowers last longer.

– Always put cut flowers in cold water! Warm water dehydrates them. Fill the vase part-way. A full water vase will rot the stems faster.

– Remove all leaves and foliage below the water line as they can decay water quickly with algae which will keep the flower from absorbing nutrients.

– Putting cut flowers in the fridge for at least six hours before placing them in a vase will make them last three times longer.

– Choose a vase that doesn’t crowd the flowers, otherwise the stems will rot faster.

– Recut the stems under running water every few days at a 45 degree angle for maximum intake of water.

– Display flowers in cool areas, away from direct sunlight, heaters and fireplaces. If the head of the flower starts to droop, plunge the bouquet in cool water, get rid of rotted leaves, recut stems, and replace the water in the vase.

– If you need to restore wilted flowers use hot water–up to 110-200 F (higher temperature for the more wilted flowers).

As long as you take a proper care of your cut flowers, keep the water fresh and uncrowded, your flower arrangement should last a long time bringing joy and good mood to you and your family every single day.

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