Gifts for Teacher’s Day in Russia

Teachers DayTeacher’s Day is a significant holiday that commemorates the importance of the profession of a teacher. It also gives us a perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to all teaching professionals for their dedication, hard work, kindness, and valuable contribution to education. Teacher’s Day in Russia is traditionally observed on October, 5 by all educational establishments, as well as teachers, students, and their parents. On this day no teachers will be left without flowers as one can see people of all ages from kindergarten pupils to grown-ups buying flowers and small tokens to their former and present educators or anyone with a teaching profession in the family.

Remember to send your congratulations and acknowledgment to your first teacher, or the one who was the kindest to you, to your kid’s teacher, college educator, principal, or any other man who played an important role as a mentor in your life.


Flowers are perhaps the most common gift to Russia for Teacher’s Day. Educators happen to be mostly women and there’s hardly any who can resist a bouquet of fresh beautiful flowers. From classic red roses to elegant lilies, bright gerberas, and various seasonal flowers you can choose an arrangement that suits your teacher’s taste and situation the most. Even if you’re choosing a token for a male educator a bouquet of carnations, roses, and other long-stemmed flowers of subdued colors will be appropriate and appreciated. On the other hand, a blooming plant in the pot can be given to both male and female recipients which makes it a great keepsake.

Nice and Sweet

As a great addition to flowers or a separate gift, chocolate is a perfect choice for Teachers’ Day. From gourmet chocolate bars to sophisticated gift baskets overflowing with a big selection of the best chocolate from around the world, this gift is adjustable for any budget, taste and can satisfy either a single teacher or the whole faculty.

Tea Time

Being a teacher is hard work and all educators enjoy a relaxing cup of tea every now and then. That’s why it’s a good idea to give your dear teacher a gift basket packed with different kinds of teabags, a nice big cup and of course some delicious cookies, sweets, and chocolate which complement a cup of tea so well. What a tea-rrific way to show your appreciation!

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