Father’s Day Plants & Flowers Dad Will Love

If I were tasked with mentioning all the reasons that make fathers so special and worth celebrating internationally, we would need thousands of scrolls, dozens of durable feathers, and gallons of ink to pen down all the things that pop up when I think of all that fathers represent, hence Father’s Day. Father’s Day rolls by yearly and celebrates fathers in all their glory! Making now the perfect time to learn about the perfect Father’s Day plants to surprise dad!

Fathers do much more than fixing broken cabinets and unclogging congested waste pipes that no one else would dare touch. Their value goes beyond anything you can measure. Good fathers are a rock who fill a variety of roles. Just like there’s no perfect way to be a father, there’s no perfect gift for a dad either. Over time, I’ve seen how a traditional African father’s role grew from traditional decision-maker and breadwinner, to equally involved in the running of the household. With that came a realization that fathers also appreciate ‘soft’ and overly sentimental gifts. Like flowers that were previously only appreciated by women. You can only guess how excited I was to find this little detail out.

Keen on finding out more about finding the perfect Father’s Day plants? Keep reading. 

Father's Day Plants: Dad and Daughter Laying in the grass and smiling

Father’s Day: A History

Just as with any meaningful event that manages to gain international popularity, Father’s Day has quite a few ‘origin’ stories attached to it. I have to confess, all of them are pretty interesting.

Many people believe that holidays celebrating dad date back about four thousand (4 000) years in Babylonia. Then, Elmesu poured his heart onto a piece of clay and carved his father a message of appreciation, wishing him many years of good health. Elmesu’s act of reverence may not have had the desired result, but there was an impact. Many believe that this act was, in fact, the seed that would bring modern Father’s Day as its harvest.

On the other hand, it is believed that Father’s Day has its roots in a West Virginia, USA church in 1908. The church held a sermon in honor of 361 men who tragically died during a coal mine explosion in Monongah. This event inspired how Father’s Day is celebrated today.

Just a few years later, Sonora Louis Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington DC, attended a Mother’s Day sermon held in 1909. This inspired her to initiate and promote similar sermons to highlight the role of the father. She shone a light on the importance of a father’s role in a child’s life and society by extension. Sonora took inspiration from her father, William Jackson Smart. Smart was a civil war vet who was left to raise his 6 children alone after his wife passed. With very little recollection of her mother, Senora recognized how her father defied tradition and took up their household responsibilities – much like a mother would.

Her determination bore the desired fruit. After rigorously campaigning for Father’s Day to be officially recognized and celebrated, the Spokane Ministerial Association and Local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) gave Senora a nod of approval. The first Spokane Father’s Day celebration took place in 1910. As a result, President Richard Nixon declared in 1972 that the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day, would be observed.

Father's Day Plants: A bouquet of dark and light pink roses with fresh greenery

Father’s Day Plants: Roses, The Official Father’s Day Flower

In addition to starting the Father’s Day conversation in her father’s honor, Sonora chose the rose as the official symbol of commemoration. As the world followed suit and started celebrating Father’s Day, some men wore red roses, and white roses symbolized fathers who were no longer alive.

To this day, red roses represent love and harmony. This Father’s Day plant also represents genuine feelings of appreciation and recognition – the very ideas on which Father’s Day was built. There are many ways to incorporate these lovelies when putting a gift together for dad. Red roses pair perfectly with his favorite drink. Or you can try sending a blended bouquet on Father’s Day to brighten up his office. The possibilities are endless.

Father’s Day Plants: Succulents VS. Cacti

I can bet all the coins in my piggy bank that most of you experienced a certain degree of brain fog while trying to differentiate between succulents and cacti, and to be honest, so did I! 

Cacti are the only plants that can withstand extreme heat without giving in and withering. Succulents store an incredible amount of moisture in their leaves, stems, and roots to defend themselves against drought. In simple terms, all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Brain fog again? I’ll explain. Succulents are characterized by their ability to store moisture, while cacti do the same but withstand harsh heat too. Better now?

Now, if dad is a busy bee, getting him a succulent for Father’s Day is a sure win because of how easy they are to tend to.

Father's Day Plants: Man holding a potted plant with roses behind him.

Other Potted Plants Your Dad Will Love

Roses and succulents are great gifts to show dad some appreciation this Father’s Day, but there are so many more plant options for you to choose from. We understand why you’d want to go for plant types that adapt well to different temperatures and need very little care. After all, the aim is to have them last for quite a bit. So, let’s look at a few more options.

Father’s Day Plants: Sansevieria (Snake plant/Mother-in-law’s tongue)

Just like succulents, snake plants are pretty easy to take care of and given their West African origin, they can survive with small amounts of water. According to NASA, snake plants, also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, rid the indoor air of toxins and are safe to have in bedrooms and closed living areas.

Father’s Day Plants: Ponytail palm

Would you look at that – another succulent on the list! Also great as ‘first’ plants, ponytail palms require very little attention and can thrive under extreme conditions. All dad has to do is water it every few weeks, and wave good morning before he leaves for work. The result? A happy and healthy plant!

Father’s Day Plants: Monstera

Another hit for dads on the go! Monsteras grow impressively with very little water. Unlike more sensitive plants such as the Boston Fern, Monsteras won’t die due to lack of water or sunlight as they easily adapt to different indoor conditions. A perfect option for a dad that’d appreciate watching something grow.

No matter what you send dad this Father’s Day, make sure you tell him exactly how much he means to you. A few kind words can turn even the most simple of gifts into something absolutely priceless.

You’ve Learned A Ton About Father’s Day. Now What?

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