Birth Flowers Guide. July

Have you ever thought that every month has a birth flower and that each one has a special meaning? Like people, birth flowers are distinctive – filled with significance and wonderful stories. So whether you’re looking for a creative gift for someone’s birthday, or just want to add a personal touch to a flower arrangement for any occasion, our Birth Flower Guide will help you find out which flower is uniquely theirs.


The larkspur is the birth flower of July and is a variety of delphinium.

The name “Larkspur” is derived from the spur, of the flower and reminded some people of parts of the lark, hence “larkspur”. The Latin name of larkspur is ‘Delphium ajacis’ and it owes it to the Greek hero Ajax. When Achilles was killed, his armor was supposed to be given to the most heroic of the Greeks who remained alive. The two candidates for this reward were Odysseus and Ajax. Minerva swung the vote to Odysseus since she felt heroes should mix intelligence with bravery and Ajax was not very sharp. The dishonor drove Ajax mad and he began killing a herd of sheep believing them to be his rivals. When he realized what he had done, Ajax felt the honorable thing to do was to kill himself and so he impaled himself on his sword. Where his blood fell, larkspurs grew. On their petals, one can find the Greek letters AI, which is the Greek cry of mourning.

It’s common to give Birth Flowers as birthday gifts to celebrate the birth of a new baby or birthday of friends or loved ones. July Birth Flower, larkspur, is often included in wedding bouquets as a wish of joy and happiness. Larkspur flower have laughter and relaxation energy, much like people born in July. In general it symbolizes fickleness, open-heartedness or beautiful spirit, though, depending on the color, meanings may vary. So, pink larkspur signifies fickleness, white larkspur – joy, happy-go-lucky and purple larkspur – “you have such a sweet disposition”.

Match a birthday gift basket with a birthday bouquet with exotic larkspur flowers and you are sure to make the most impressive and striking birthday gift the recipient will never forget!

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