Birth Flowers Guide. January

Have you ever thought that every month has a birth flower and that each one has a special meaning? Like people, birth flowers are distinctive – filled with significance and wonderful stories. So whether you’re looking for a creative gift for someone’s birthday, or just want to add a personal touch to a flower arrangement for any occasion, our Birth Flower Guide will help you find out which flower is uniquely theirs.


Carnation represents pride, beauty, admiration and gratitude, the carnation’s multilayered, feathery soft petals conceal a hardy core – an appropriate paradox for this first-month-of-the-year flower. Originally from Asia, where they’ve been cultivated for the last 2,000 years, today this winter birth flower is a richly colorful and fragrant gem.

For the most part, carnations express love, fascination, and distinction, though there are many variations dependent on colour:

Light red carnations represent admiration

Dark red denote deep love and affection

White carnations indicate pure love and good luck

Striped symbolise a regret that a love cannot be shared.

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