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Heat Up 2022: Your Guide to Romance in the New Year

Throughout history, everyone longs to hear those three little words. (No, it’s not “I brought pizza,” although, when you’ve been married as long as I have, it’s undoubtedly a very close second). It’s “I love you.” 

But what happens when the words aren’t enough? As an author, “show, don’t tell” has been burned into my brain from day one. Showing someone you care is a custom that dates back centuries. Even the animal kingdom has ways of showing love without making a sound. 

Now, before you throw up your hands in defeat, I’m going to share a few little secrets about how to send your loved one a gift they’ll really love – almost as much as they love you!

Guide to Romance: Man in a hat holding a bouquet of flowers and a gold wrapped gift with red bow

The History of Flower Giving and Romance

In today’s society, we give loved ones flowers to confess our feelings,  from professing undying love to showing gratitude for a friend. But was this always the case? Actually, yes! The act of giving flowers has a rich and exciting history, and we’ve got a few highlights below. 

The synonymous roots between romance and flowers date back to ancient folklore and mythology of Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, was fond of the rose and is often credited for its enduring symbol of affection. But roses are not the only flowers that signify fondness. Asters also represent love, as does a red tulip, or a red chrysanthemum. In addition, giving primrose flowers to someone also means you can’t live without their love.

Giving flowers carried on to the Middle Ages, especially among the English and the French. Experts believe that the tradition of giving meaning to each type of flower was started in Europe after being witnessed in Turkey.

During the Victorian era, expressing feelings in words was not considered good manners. As a result, people used flower bouquets to display their emotions for one another. However, this practice had many rules. For example, while red roses symbolize love, gifting an elegant bouquet of red roses upside down actually represented anger. 

Today, the custom of gifting flowers continues; however, the reasons behind it have changed. From anniversaries to birthdays, to sympathy, or just because there are countless reasons why a person may send a beautiful bouquet to another. 

Guide to Romance: A pile of decadent chocolates and truffles surrounded by loose coffee beans on a wood background

Guide to Romance: Chocolates, Teddy Bears, and Jewelry, Oh my!


There is a long tradition of sending chocolates to your beloved. From the time of the Aztecs, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac food. Many believe that chocolate arouses desire and makes one feel more amorous. Giving chocolate is not just a sign of love; it is also given as a way to express delight, initiate desire, express your apologies, or just simply uplift the recipient’s spirits. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Teddy Bears

It may seem silly to gift a grown-up a stuffed animal; however, aside from being cuddly and cute, a Teddy Bear represents unconditional love, reassurance, security, and companionship. Many adults still have fond memories of their own teddy bears they loved as children, and receiving one from a loved one will become a cherished gift they’ll keep close to their hearts. In addition to that, a little whimsy in a relationship goes a long way. 


Marilyn Monroe said it best: diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Gifting jewelry means giving something that makes your recipient feel beautiful, important, and desired. Even as a platonic gift, jewelry awakens a person’s identity, invoking happiness each time they wear it. But jewelry is a personal thing, so consider your recipient before running to the jewelry store. Are they the type of person who would prefer a delicate piece or one that screams to be noticed? When giving a gift, due diligence is always appreciated.

Guide to Romance: Romantic Date Night Man holding a bouquet of roses behind his back to surprise the woman

Guide to Romance: 5 of the most romantic blooms

Flowers are one of the best ways to say “I love you” to that special someone in your life. I’ve talked at length about the meanings of flowers, but for those who prefer to scroll rather than read (you know who you are!), we’ve compiled this easy peasy list of the five most romantic flowers to fit with your loved one’s style and personality.


The queen mother of romantic flowers, red roses have been a symbol of love since ancient times. While Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for these blooms, red roses are an excellent gift for any occasion and the perfect way to show someone how much you care.


This happy-go-lucky flower is not only the first sign of spring, it’s also a sign of an amorous heart. They come in various colors and are best for a birthday, anniversary, or for a new relationship that is not quite as serious yet.


Since the 1800s, these delicate plants have also come to represent luxury. There are several varieties and colors to choose from, almost every color of the rainbow, which symbolizes luck, hope, and love. The best way to let your recipient know you find them just as delicate, beautiful, and precious as these exotic blooms.

Stargazer Lily

Most often this lily is linked to a meaning of wealth and prosperity. A dramatic and bold choice for a gift, choose these bright blooms for the person who brightens up your life.


Also called the “Peruvian lily,” the Alstroemeria is a bold flower that will make a statement in any room. Choose a pink or red color for the most romantic impact, as these flowers have a friendly connotation. Send a bouquet to your recipient to let them know you find them special and rare, just like these unique flowers.

Valentine’s Day 2022 and what YOU can do for your sweetie!

Last Valentine’s Day, my husband and I went to the accountant. Romantic, huh? Not! After twenty-five years and two kids, things have grown a little lackluster in the romance department. But once upon a time, my guy was as romantic as they came. For our five-year anniversary, he tried to recreate our very first date. You see, back then, he took me to this little coffee shop where we sat and talked for hours over steaming mugs — his hot chocolate, mine a vanilla latte. Years later, the shop had closed down and was now nothing but a sad little building sitting in an empty lot. That is, except for the blanket with two steaming to-go cups seated at either end: a hot chocolate and a vanilla latte. 

I treasure these little romantic moments like priceless gems, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It doesn’t take a lot to show a person you care. A sweet sentiment can go a long way, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to make someone swoon. It just takes a little thought, a little planning, and a whole lot of love. If you want to try a real power move, try recreating your first date!

When planning a romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day, think about what your recipient really wants. Is your important one tired of cooking every day? Perhaps a nice dinner should be on your romantic menu. Going out is always nice, but staying in to wine and dine them might be better. Just be sure to clean up after yourself. A messy kitchen is the death of romance. 

Guide to Romance: Man and Woman on computers across from each other with a flower going through one computer being presented through the other.

Maybe your recipient needs a break from the kids. Setting up a night in a local hotel could be just the ticket to ignite the flames of passion. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your mist mission is spoiling your partner. Having to scramble for a last-minute babysitter will only cause resentment, so have it set up before you spill the surprise. 

Exhausted from work? A couple’s massage might be just what your recipient needs to realign their chakras. Better yet, break out the oils, limber up those fingers, and do the job yourself. It doesn’t have to be a masterful massage. Just light some candles, set out some flowers, and turn on some soothing music to set the mood and watch as your partner swoons. 

Whatever it is you choose to do, be sure to keep your recipient in mind and you’ll never go wrong. From all of us at Russian Flora, we wish you good luck in all things romance, and hope you keep these tips in mind for more than just Valentine’s Day! But they’ll work just fine there too. 

Love is in the air, and the blooms smell sweet! Now what?

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