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Easter in Russia Gift and Flower Ideas

Easter is the major religious celebration of the year in Russia. The holiday purifies the souls and thoughts, brings peace, joy and hope. And, of course, the Russians are looking forward to a happy family feast with lots of special Easter food like Easter bread, traditional cheese cake Paskha, Easter eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies and other tasty treats.

Originally the celebration of Easter in Russia was introduced in the late 10th century. Orthodox Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the vernal equinox, and so Easter is something of a spring festival. This year western people celebrate Easter on the 12 April, while eastern people celebrate it only on the 19 April.

There exists a tradition of giving small gifts for Easter in Russia. When visiting their friends’ and relatives’ houses during the festival people may bring small Easter presents or spring flowers to the hosts to congratulate with the big Easter holiday and the coming of spring. As it has been already mentioned, Easter in Russia is kind of a spring festival, so the spring flowers are the most preferable. Tulips, gerberas, carnations, narcissus as well as any other flower arrangements with seasonal flowers perfectly suit for the occasion. The Easter Lily is considered to be a symbol of Easter. This beautiful, white flower has come to symbolize the spiritual values of Easter: purity, life and renewel.

There’re no restrictions concerning Easter gift ideas. You are free to give everything your loved ones like and appreciate. Though, of course, there exist so called classical Easter gifts. First of all, it can be any spring flowers arrangement, plush toys (and especially Easter bunnies as a symbol of the holiday), different Easter gift baskets and in the first place Easter gourmet baskets with plenty of finger-licking things to pamper your nearest and dearest after the long and hard fasting period. If you want to send a gift basket for Easter or send a gourmet basket for Easter, you’d better wait until the 19th of April or a couple of days later as a lot of Russians keep the fast and it’s not allowed to eat most of the food.

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Happy Easter!

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