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Bouquet Builder Competition at – Europe’s best choice for full-service flower delivery – has launched a Bouquet Builder Competition! Build your own gorgeous and creative bouquet to win a FREE flower arrangement to deliver to any selected destination!, Europe’s one-stop for full-service flower delivery, has prepared a pleasant surprise for all its customers with its Bouquet Builder Competition! It’s simple to get in on the action and win the first prize – a FREE bouquet of seasonal flowers (up to a $75 value) to send to any selected destination! All you have to do to become the lucky winner is show off your bouquet-building creativity and imagination by designing your very own bouquet with’s unique basket builder option on the Bouquet Builder page (please take a look at the Bouquet Builder manual to learn the basics). Once you’ve designed your custom flower arrangement simply make a screenshot of your creation, think of a catchy name to describe it, and submit them both to our Contest Page by November 8th, 2010.

The person who gets the most votes for their custom bouquet will become the winner and get a FREE bouquet of seasonal flowers (up to a $75 value) to send to any selected destination served by! The results will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Contest Page on November 10th, 2010!

How can I win a FREE Bouquet? It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Create your own bouquet with the basket builder option on Bouquet Builder page

2.  Invent a catchy name to describe your custom bouquet.

3.  Enter the contest – upload a picture of your custom bouquet  with the name – to our Contest Page.

4. Ask your friends to vote for your submission.

How do I make a screenshot?

  1. Open the window that shows the bouquet you have created.
  2. Press PRT SCN (on the upper right of your keyboard). Windows will capture the entire screen and copy it to the clipboard.
  3. Open “Paint” or any other similar program, and choose paste (or press ctrl+V on your keyboard). Windows will paste the screenshot (from the clipboard) into the Paint document or image you are currently editing.
  4. Save the file in a .jpg, .tiff., or .png format.
  5. Enter the contest!

ATTENTION! Please make sure to include your name, country, and contact information in your submission, or we won’t be able to let you know if you’ve won! All submissions should be made before November 8th, 2010! Don’t forget to ask your friends to vote for your submission!

International Flower Delivery with Good Choice Flowers

Good news! We’ve launched a new website for International Flower Delivery to most destinations, such as South Africa, India, Japan, South Korea, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Australia and many others!

There’re plenty of new bouquets and other gift ideas added.

Check it out now!

Fall Flowers from Russian Flora – special discount for sending flowers to Russia

Dear Customers,

This fall, you can be spontaneously romantic and continuously thoughtful by sending your loved ones the never-the-same gifts of flowers that bring warmth and beauty into these sometimes dark fall nights and rainy days. will help you surprise her with Fall’s featured gift ideas and special offers.

In this issue:
1. Our special $5 off offer to boost the romance
2. Fall gift ideas from our catalog
3. FREE shipping on all orders over $99
4. Announcing Blog

1.  Did you know that only 45% of men send flowers to their sweethearts on a regular basis, but at the same time 95% of women wish to be getting flowers more often? Make her wish come true, and we will give you $5 off any order from this catalog! Whether you are sending this gift as a loving husband or boyfriend, a caring child, or a cheering friend, you can bring some beauty into the everyday life this fall. You can apply this $5 off coupon to any product in our catalog. Enter a coupon  FALL2008  to receive this discount. Check out our featured FALL gifts for ideas

2.  Flowers have been the most popular gift for thousands of years, and being as far from a “practical gift” as possible, their power is in their beauty and emotion they give. And what can be better than a gift of joy? This season’s bouquet special, Fall Emotion, is a perfect way to brighten the rainy autumn days with a blossom of delight. Our professional florists will create a collection of fresh fall-colored flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums and more, to highlight the mood of this romantic season. And if you order it with a vase, it can become a centerpiece for family dinners or fall parties with friends.

Another great way to add some color to the daily routine is our Autumn Flower Basket. This lovely arrangement of colorful flowers in a hand-weaved basket creates a unique gift of comfort and positive energy. Blooming gerberas, colorful chrysanthemums and lush greens will make this season bright and inspiring.

Even if you are far away, you can make her feel warm and cozy with our featured fall gift basket Teddy Cookies. Plush stuffed teddy bear to remind her how much you care, a variety of delicious cookies and candy to make her life a little sweeter – what can be more enjoyable?

Also don’ forget about our Bouquet Builder tool which allows you to create your own unique bouquet from:
single flowers

3.      May the clouds and the rain not stop you from being romantic this fall! Only until November 30th, you can get FREE shipping on all orders over $99 in most serviced cities.
Tell her about your feelings with our flowers and gifts, and save more
this fall

4.      Check out our newly launched blog where you can find many customer testimonials and company news:
One of the latest new developments is our multilingual online catalog in Italian, French and Spanish in addition to English and Russian languages. To learn more please see our blog post

We hope that you enjoyed our special offers this fall. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you for your business.

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About Russian Flora: Russian Flora specializes in high-quality, affordable gift and flower deliveries throughout Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The company works directly with established, local delivery services to offer deliveries within 24-48 hours of submitted orders.  After the founder and owner David Skol experienced firsthand that many of the existing delivery services to Russia provided either low-quality or over-priced flowers and gifts, he decided to provide a U.S.-based service that would provide the type of service he believed was lacking. Learn more at

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