Celebrate International Tolerance Day with White Hydrangeas

November 3rd is International Tolerance Day! Never heard of it? It’s relatively new, so don’t worry. The United Nations declared International Tolerance Day a global holiday in 1995 to raise awareness of the dangers of intolerance. Your eyes may already be glazing over: why should you care? What am I supposed to do on International Tolerance Day?  And why does a flower delivery company care?


International Tolerance Day is really as simple as it sounds, it’s a day started to promote, talk about, and embrace worldwide tolerance, respect, and acceptance.  It’s a much needed reminder that even though we may not understand a person’s background, religion, or world views, we can still respect them and accept that they can be just as valid as our own. This simple act of accepting another person for who they are, even when your world views don’t align is tolerance. And it’s a lot more common and easier than you think.

Why Should I Care?

Hey, it’s a suggestion, not a demand. But since you’re asking, there are plenty of reasons to seek diversity in your personal and business lives. Clearly, seeking friendships and networking opportunities with many different kinds of people, leads to a wider, more interesting group of friends and associates. Connections with people from other cultures helps you keep up with world news from more than one perspective. It will help you learn about new holidays to celebrate, new foods to enjoy – and that’s just the beginning.

According to the Center for American Progress, workplace environments that encourage diversity and tolerance also benefit from wider client networks, gain more of the market share in their industry, and enjoy a more qualified work force – among many other benefits.

In short, don’t celebrate International Tolerance Day because we told you to: do it for your happiness and your bottom line.

What am I supposed to do on International Tolerance Day?

Friends Holding Flags

You can extend an olive branch without sending the whole tree (unless you want to, we can deliver live plants, too).

Tolerating people different from yourself is not a new concept, you probably do it every day. Lots of people already:

– Have a friend from different faith.
– Work with someone from another country.
– Have an online friendship with someone from another country.
– Talk to people who speak another language first, and your language second.

But International Tolerance Day is meant to open up dialogue with people in your office, or your friends, and thank them for bringing something new into your life. So push your boundaries a little on this holiday, and try these ideas:

Introduce yourself to someone who looks different from you. Invite them to lunch, just get to know them. Don’t grill them on ‘their culture’. Just chat. And Voila! You’ve made a new friend.

We all probably know someone who might feel a little left out. Maybe they’re the only one who dresses a certain way, or the only person celebrating a particular holiday in the office. You’ll make them feel included if you send a bouquet of flowers and a nice card. If you’re feeling especially generous, add some chocolates.

A bit of an introvert? That’s okay, too. You can celebrate by learning a new recipe from another culture! Turns out we’ve got some suggestions you might like:

– Celebrate World Food Day with Three Authentic Recipes

– 10 Best Asian Recipes

– 5 Healthy Herbal Teas with Edible Flowers

At work you can: talk to your international offices, or employees, about what holidays they celebrate and put reminders in the company calendar. This will help you reach out to them on holidays that are important to them, as well as the ones your company already recognizes.

At home you can: Ask your friends, family, or partner, about their heritage. Agree to try new food with them. Learn about their traditions. Or just find out when you really should be sending them gifts and flower for the holidays.

White Flowers

You Deliver Bouquets, Why Are You Telling Me This?

We’re not going to lie: we definitely want you to send more flowers to your friends, family, and even your colleagues. That helps our bottom line. But that’s not the only reason. We want you to send more flowers because they never fail to make people smile, and remind them that there’s beauty in the world. Offices are hectic, finances can be stressful, and feeling left out – no matter which cultures you share, or don’t – never feels good.

We are just as happy if you try one of our other suggestions. Seriously: take a moment to “smell the roses” by taking a new friend out to eat. Broaden your personal horizons and give yourself permission to feel a little wonder about folks who live their life differently than you, but who share a desire for love, acceptance, and meaning.  Sending flowers is just one simple way to add more happiness in the world, and that’s the most important thing.

Okay, I’ll bite. What are the Best Flowers for International Tolerance Day?

White hydrangeas symbolize tolerance, so when choosing a bouquet to send for International Tolerance Day, look out for them.

Hydrangeas of any color are renowned all over the world. Some botanists suspect is began as a blue flower in Japan. So many people fell in love with the hydrangea’s clouds of flowers, its cultivation spread around the globe. Immigrants, ex-patriots, and travelers brought their beloved plants and seeds with them,  nurtured them in new environments, and produced the hundreds of species of hydrangea we have today.  This kind of cooperation in sharing the hydrangea, with each person adding a bit of themselves to the breed over generations, is a perfect example of what international tolerance.

If white hydrangeas are out of season or hard to find in your area, you can also send an orchid or peace lily. Both flowers are traditional gifts for offering friendship and expressing respect to friends and colleges.

Whatever you do, even if you just start a conversation with a stranger, the fact that you acknowledge International Tolerance Day helps the world become a more beautiful place.

You’ve grown a bit more appreciative of diversity, now what?

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