White Flowers in Wedding Bouquets

Brides around the world have chosen white flowers for their bridal bouquets since time immemorial. And we can’t blame them. White flowers symbolize purity, innocence, romance and represent the essence of any marriage. A white bouquet matches any dress and looks great in weddings that are contemporary or Victorian, formal or casual. The best part about saying “I do” with white flowers at your wedding? You’ll never look back on your photos and regret the decision. White blossoms don’t go out of style: it’s a classic, period.


Choose an all-white bridal bouquet to prove that less is more, or pick white accents for your multicolored arrangement. Either way, here are 7 of the most gorgeous (and popular) white flowers for your wedding:

White Rose

If there’s a single most popular and traditional wedding flower out there, it’s certainly the white rose. And it’s easy to see why. The fact that these gorgeous blossoms represent purity and innocence makes them a fitting flower for celebrating your romantic bond. Also, white roses have been long considered a symbol of true love, which makes them perfect for bridal bouquets. The ultimate romantic flower, roses make every bridal bouquet look elegant and timeless.

This all-star in the world of weddings is also one of the most versatile blooms around. Roses are available year round, affordable, come in any colors, shape, or size, and perfect for weddings in every style and season.


Calla Lily

Just like white roses, the Calla Lily is a favorites with brides. As classic as it can get, calla lilies are, at the same time, one of the most modern-looking flowers out there. They come in two varieties: with a large trumpet-shaped blossom and a long smooth stem usually used in arrangements, and a miniature version ideal for boutonnieres.

In art throughout history, the white calla lily has been commonly depicted in images with the Virgin Mary. For this reason, it has been associated with faithfulness and purity, which makes it perfect for bridal bouquets. Beautiful when left solo, ivory calla lilies also look stunning in all types of wedding arrangements, adding a fresh and clean look to them. Perfect for any wedding theme, from Southern and garden to modern and art deco, it’s hard to go wrong with this elegant blooms.


When it comes to wedding flowers, opulent and whimsical peonies definitely make the top three all time favorites. The fact that they’re only in season for a short period of time (April through June) only adds to their uniqueness. Of course, you can find them year round, but be ready to pay at least double for your whim.

Peonies, with their softball-sized blossoms, ruffled petals, and delicate scent, embody classic romance. They promise good fortune and symbolize long happy marriage to the newlyweds. White peony flowers will make a lovely statement in any wedding bouquet and a dramatic choice for a single blossom arrangement.



Surrounded by dark green, waxy leaves, the exquisite gardenia flowers are perfect for brides wanting a unique floral detail in their wedding bouquet. Signifying purity and love, gardenias can stand completely on their own, but also look stunning tucked into a bridal arrangement. An infusion of white gardenia to a monochromatic bouquet adds a ruffled texture and a wonderful intoxicating scent. But be gentle: the delicate, ivory petals of this expensive flower bruise easily. Don’t be surprised if your florist will try to talk you out of using it in your wedding bouquet. But, think twice, the unforgettable fragrance and unique beauty of gardenias are so worth the trouble!


If you’re in love with the classic beauty of roses and peonies, but looking for a unique touch in your wedding bouquet, you shouldn’t pass by Ranunculus. This lightly-scented flower featuring several lush blossoms on a stem with fernlike foliage looks like the perfect love child of a Peony and Rose. Symbolizing radiance and charm, white Ranunculus flowers play very well with the others in a bridal arrangement. Especially charming in the company of Succulents, Anemones, Roses, Lily of the Valley and Baby’s Breath this popular wedding flower can look as rustic or fancy as you want them to.


Lily of the Valley

The delicate bell-shaped florets of lily of the valley surrounded by emerald-green leaves are undoubtedly the most romantic wedding flowers out there. A number of iconic brides including Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton couldn’t resist the charm and heavenly scent of these snow-white beauties.

If having lily of the valley in the wedding bouquet is a dream of yours, you’d better start planning. Most plentiful and affordable during spring season, they are hard to get and pricey the rest of the year. While the blossoms look stunning entirely on their own, the more affordable alternative is to infuse a bridal bouquet with just a few stems. For a classic and elegant look, surround a cluster of creamy-white ranunculus with delicate lily of the valley stems.


A budget-friendly wedding flower that looks like an instant arrangement and lasts for over a week? It’s not a dream, but a reality with opulent Hydrangea blossoms. They work beautifully in a centerpiece, bridal bouquet, or even as a table runner. Known as a symbol of purity, grace and abundance, white Hydrangea is a living proof that sometimes the simplest display is really the prettiest.

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