We Support Peace And Humanitarian Efforts To Help Ukraine

Past this point can be a challenging read. We ask if you are just looking for HOW you can help Ukraine that you check out our landing page with information on how you can donate through us, or directly.

Update March 22, 2022

The money we have earned now is going directly into the hands of our local team members and florists to help those who can not leave get food and medicine delivered to them. To date over $8000 dollars has been donated by our company to get supplies.

If you would like to help people in need get vital supplies (food, clothes, medicine) you can donate through us using the following PayPal Link – Please make sure that you put in the note “Donation for Ukraine”. 


If you’ve decided to keep reading, please know you will see some first-hand pictures of Ukraine cities under attack.

People Waiting in line for a warm drink and help in Odessa Ukraine
People wait in line for a warm drink and help in Odessa Ukraine

The Day The World Wept For Ukraine

February 24th, 2022 is a day we are sure to see immortalized in history books.

This day saw the best and worst of humanity unleashed at once.

The team at Russian Flora can’t say this strongly enough: WE STAND FOR PEACE. 

We take our cue from those in Ukraine who choose to respond with grace and compassion to those invading their country. They lead with love and righteous anger that is inspiring the world to do better.

They are inspiring the world to see and understand that a government’s actions are not the sum total of the people who live in that country. 

We are following in the footsteps of the brave souls that stand in the middle of the fighting asking “How can we help?”

Car packed with emergency supplies for people in Dnepr Ukraine
Car packed with emergency supplies for people in Dnepr Ukraine

How Russian Flora Stands With Ukraine And For Peace

With much of our team sitting in Ukraine and Russia, we have spent sleepless nights worrying about their safety. This has also left us uniquely positioned to help those who need food or to escape directly.

Since the first attack, we have worked directly with our fearless local florists to coordinate help where it is most needed in Ukraine.

At the date of first publishing this blog, we have donated $5000 dollars directly to local florists who have helped get much-needed food and supplies to people in need in the following cities:

Ruins of a destroyed building in Ukraine
One of many buildings destroyed in Ukraine

Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)

Krivoj Rog 

Lvov (supported by a florist in Poland) 










All pictures in this blog are from them, to show that even in the toughest hour they remain strong.

These supplies have helped many when they need it most. But more still need our help, and will continue to need it until peace is found.

Bottled Water For Those In Need in Zaporozhye Ukraine
Bottled Water For Those In Need in Zaporozhye Ukraine
Feeding a toddler in Odessa Ukraine
A family with a toddler gets formula and food in Odessa Ukraine

What Comes Next: How To Help From Where You Are

During March 2022, 10% of our profits will be going directly to humanitarian aid for those leaving Ukraine. 

As for our team, many in Russia and Ukraine have already made it out. Some have not. Those of us who are oceans away can only sit back and offer our support.

By covering shifts for team members who can not find the strength to come in. 

By reassuring our team that we stand with them, and their health and safety come before any job. 

We’ve asked for direct updates from our team, and will be posting them in this blog as they come in. 

Meanwhile, we ask for your help in spreading the word to please help find peace. To please help those that need it most.

We ask that you not feel guilty for having a good day; we just ask you to share a moment of your good fortune with others, however you have the energy to do so. 

You Know How You Can Help, Now To Recharge!

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