How To Thank Your Teacher On World Teacher’s Day

World Teacher’s Day is today! And before we say anything else, let us take a moment to say: Thank you! Thank you to all of the teachers that take the time to mold young minds into extraordinary dreamers. Thank you to the teachers of music, of history, of literature, and language. The art teachers covered in clay and paint, and the unsung heroes who tutor our children after school. Thank you to the mad scientists who teach as a day job, and the math professors that make mistakes just to see if a student will correct them.

Thank you, all of you, for making the world a better, brighter, and more interesting place!

Flowers for Teacher

So how do you thank your teacher? What words or gesture could possibly be enough for the people helping you unlock your future? Well, in this it is really the thought that counts.

Write a letter A heartfelt thank you letter or card is a great way to say “Thanks teacher.” You could draw a comic, create a poem, or even get a generic card if you aren’t a wordsmith. Just a moment of acknowledgement can really go a long way toward making a teacher feel loved.

Send a gift It doesn’t have to be big. Leave that cliche apple on their desk. Make or send a sweet basket filled with chocolate. Stack their desk with a tower of their favorite drink.  Go ahead and throw them a pizza party instead of them throwing you one. Just make sure your teacher knows you’re doing this because of all they do for you.

Put forth extra effortMost teachers really do just want to see students succeed. So if you want to thank them listen, and go the extra mile on your next project. Let them know they inspired you to work harder and better. Let them know you saw them caring and it inspired you to do more.

Thank You Note

Clean up / Maintain the ClassroomIn a lot of countries it is the teacher’s job to make sure the classroom is stocked. Sometimes this comes out of their paycheck. Often, this means extra hours organizing things after school. So step up and make a rotation with your class to help out. Organize a drive to get things the class needs. Or make sure you put everything away after a big class project. Doing the little things daily is a constant reminder that you appreciate your teacher’s hard work and want to let them relax more.

Make sure the school knows! If you think your teacher deserves more praise, let your school know. Write to the school board or principal about the extraordinary job your teacher is doing. A lot of schools give out teacher of the month rewards, or acknowledge them at assemblies. Letters like this are what makes sure those teachers get that extra public praise, and maybe even a raise their next term.

However you thank your teacher, make sure you actually say the words “Thank You.” Those two little words have the power to make the long nights of grading and lesson planning seem so worth it. You don’t have to wait for World Teacher’s Day either! Maybe just wishing them a good weekend on Friday will be enough to make Monday morning that much brighter!

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