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Don’t Let Cupid Convince You To Pop The Question

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. When you think about the “most romantic day of the year” (at least according to marketers), hearts, flowers, chocolates, and romantic gestures are the first things that pop in your head. These days, society’s expectations for Valentine’s Day put way too much pressure on couples, especially men. Often, they feel pressured to spend more than they reasonably can to impress their special someone. Worse yet, some feel pressured to make promises they aren’t ready to make and keep, including the Big One: a marriage proposal.

About 10% of all marriage proposals take place on Valentine’s Day which is like killing two birds with one stone, you stretch your gift budget and you won’t struggle the rest of your life trying to remember the date of your engagement. It’s also true that some women (35% to be more precise) will consider this adorable. But what if your significant other is not a ‘Hallmark girl’? Unless you’re 100% sure that your girlfriend is dying for a Valentine’s Day proposal and will find it sweeter than cotton candy dipped in honey, topped with chocolate sprinkles, don’t do it for these 5 reasons:

1. It’s Unoriginal

In general, it’s not the best idea to propose on Valentine’s Day, simply because it’s unoriginal and totally overdone. 4 million Americans are expected to propose on February 14th. By doing the same thing you will be joining literally legions of people who can’t think of anything better than to ask the most important question on the most obvious day of the year.  It’s so predictable, in fact, your girlfriend should question if she really wants to spend the rest of her life with someone who can’t think outside the square box that holds the ring you bought.

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2. It’s Fleeting

Don’t let anything steal your moment in the sun! Big romantic gestures will be happening left and right on Valentine’s Day, and you don’t want yours to be just one among many. Besides, the expectations are way too high, and you don’t want to be compared to other “creative” romantics because you can never win.

You think you’ve thought it all through – romantic gift, flowers, dinner at a fancy restaurant — until you sit down at your table and realize there are at least five other guys who have planned exactly the same surprise as you. By the time your Valentine discovers a diamond ring at the bottom of her champagne glass, you’ve already heard two women squealing with delight after their boyfriend has pulled the same exact stunt. Congrats, your engagement happened five minutes ago and it’s already old news.

3. It’s Not Personal

Women don’t like to share, period. Let this special day she’s been waiting for belong to her and her alone. If you decide to propose on Valentine’s Day, she will be forced to share it with thousands of other women. This won’t be just her day, it’s everyone’s romantic day, thus reducing the real value of the moment. Really, think this through because you want this occasion to feel special for both of you and not as a bandwagon to the holiday.

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4. It’s Unforgettable

You’ll have to tell the story of how you proposed for the rest of your life whenever anyone asks how you got engaged. So, instead of the overdone answer of “I proposed on Valentine’s Day,” wouldn’t you rather have a more exciting story to tell? Besides, you might be positive she will say YES, but there’s still a slight chance you’ll get a NO. If that’s the case, there is really no way to recover your (very expensive) evening. Even if you move on and find another special someone, February 14th will be forever marred by the memory of the rejection. And who would want that?

5. It’s Overpriced

And last but not least, proposing on Valentine’s Day is expensive, way more expensive than during any other season. Everything will cost you double or more. It’s a couple’s holiday, so every service and item associated with it will be marked up. This will include everything from flowers and chocolate to restaurants and vacations. The prices for rings also skyrocket before Valentine’s Day and it’s quite a shame to let all those big stores with annoying commercials profit from your sincere love.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and money better spent on a vacation together (check out the list of the most unusual and romantic places for couples to stay around the world) rather than making a mistake by proposing on Valentine’s Day. Go with a romantic surprise that also includes classic chocolates and flowers and reserve your marriage proposal for some other less obvious day!

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