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Carmen Monroe is formerly an expert copyrighter and marketing content solution consultant, focusing on international corporate gifting and helping people to connect globally.

The Secret Life of Flowers – 5 Orchid Facts to Surprise You

Is there a more mysterious flower than the orchid? People have tried everything, including ice cubes in their pots, to grow them. With blooms that look like everything from monkeys to lions, and even little men, these gorgeous plants have … Continue reading

Posted in Blogs, Flowers for Valentine's Day, Flowers for Women's Day | Leave a comment Urges Customers to Help Send PPE to Hospitals has launched a new program that helps customers send PPE to hospitals.  Many hospitals are overwhelmed with cases of COVID-19. They are running out of protective equipment they need to keep doctors and nurses safe while treating patients. Now … Continue reading

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The National Flower of Belarus: Flax

Ancient, beautiful and infinitely useful, is it any wonder that the vibrant blue common flax is Belarus’s National Flower? From gardens to textiles and even food, flax is a fascinating flower whose uses are belied by its beauty. I wanted … Continue reading

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