February 2019

What Women Want – A Guide To International Women’s Day

During International Women’s Day many females focus on such feminist values as equality, respect and acknowledgement. But regardless of their ambitions women still remain women and want to be treated as such. It means that they do want their men to be feminist allies who wish for their woman’s success as much as their own. They also want their partners to recognize their strengths and accomplishments. But just as much as they want to feel independent and acknowledged, they want to feel loved, cared for and, well, to be happy. So, what can you do to ensure your special someone’s happiness and peace of mind? What are the specific things women want for Women’s Day from their partners? Here’s our guide to International Women’s Day to help you find out.


A Guide To International Women’s Day by RussianFlora

You Forgot Valentine’s Day, Now What?

It’s the big day and you’ve just woken up in cold sweat realizing that you totally forgot Valentine’s Day? Let’s admit, in the midst of all the commercial frenzy of pink hearts, plush teddy bears and red roses that starts right after New Year’s it’s not that easy to stay oblivious, but hey, things happen. Maybe you were too busy working in the past couple of months, went out of town, were subconsciously trying to avoid a holiday that celebrates a saint’s massacre. Or, god forbid, got abducted by aliens who erased your memory of all the upcoming slobbery celebrations…Okay, it might be all of these excuses are pretty lame. But just because you messed up does not mean that you can’t save the day.

St. Valentines Day concept. Wine, roses and gift box on wooden table

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