July 2018

August’s Birth Flower – The Gladiolus

Tall and majestic, August’s birth flower – the gladiolus – captures the essence of warm summer days. The playful ruffled leaves of the trumpet-like flower feature striking combinations and patterns of color – from delicate pastels to vibrant reds and purple.

Blooming during July and August, the gladiolus flower looks impressively statuesque in any floral arrangement. From birthdays to anniversaries; as professional flower gifters, Russian Flora knows that this floral bloom is a versatile choice for any special occasion. Though you might have already fallen in love with August’s birth flower’s stoic beauty, there are many interesting facts about gladiolus that will help you get to know these beautiful blooms even better. Scroll below to discover more!


What are the Best Flowers To Send In Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus is beautiful. With its sprawling landscape dotted with gardens in every imaginable free space, it’s only natural for its people to be in love with flowers. Flowers and bouquets are the most popular gift in Cyprus, perfect for every occasion, and everybody. One of the things a bit unique about Cyprus is that flowers are given just as often to men as they are to women. Let’s be honest, that’s a really sweet way to be. But what are the best flowers to send in Cyprus? Keep reading to find out.


Tips for Travelling in Russia During the FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events in the world, is happening this year in Russia. The excitement for these soccer matches is already well underway! If you’re lucky enough to be travelling in Russia for the world’s greatest football (or soccer, if you please) game: First, you need to know we envy you, and second, you don’t want to miss our insider’s guide. It will help you enjoy World Cup 2018 to its fullest.

From the hosts kicking off the tournament and unexpectedly hammering Saudi Arabia 5-0, to Germany’s historic failure: losing to South Korea and not making it past the opening round, World Cup 2018 has been full of surprises and promises many more! Since you don’t want to miss this adventure, here’s what you need to know about traveling in Russia:

Golden Trophy

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