June 2018

July Birth Flowers: Delphinium & Water lily

Heralding summer’s apex, July has two equally important and gorgeous birth flowers. Those born in the hottest month of the year are lucky to choose between two July birth flowers. The first is the tall and graceful delphinium (also known as the Larkspur). The second is the enchanting water lily. So different in appearance, these lovely plants share a common symbolism of the heart. This makes them both the perfect heartfelt birthday gift for loved ones and friends.

Water Lily

Most Popular Floral Scents for Men

Floral scents for men, really?

Floral notes are typically associated with femininity, so they aren’t the most popular choices for men’s fragrance. Most guys won’t get too excited about smelling like a rose or violet. Some of them might even get offended if you give them a perfume that says it has floral notes in it. But there are actually plenty of popular floral scents for men. In fact, though not advertised, pretty much all fragrances for him have florals in them. That’s right, every man’s go-to classic has a little hint of tuberose, geranium or other “girly” note and there’s nothing wrong with it. But what are the best ones? Here are our picks for the most popular floral scents for men.


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