October 2017

Celebrate World Food Day with Three Authentic Recipes

All the foodies out there, rejoice! October, 16th is World Food Day. The best way to celebrate it is going on a culinary adventure with delicious authentic recipes from all over the world without leaving your kitchen, of course. Need some ideas? Here are 3 international recipes for World Food Day that gained worldwide popularity for their delectable flavors. Some dishes from other countries can be tricky to make, but fear not, these particular recipes are a breeze. So, pick a spot on the globe and let the gourmet journey begin!

Celebrate World Food Day with Three Authentic Recipes

How To Thank Your Teacher On World Teacher’s Day

World Teacher’s Day is today! And before we say anything else, let us take a moment to say: Thank you! Thank you to all of the teachers that take the time to mold young minds into extraordinary dreamers. Thank you to the teachers of music, of history, of literature, and language. The art teachers covered in clay and paint, and the unsung heroes who tutor our children after school. Thank you to the mad scientists who teach as a day job, and the math professors that make mistakes just to see if a student will correct them.

Thank you, all of you, for making the world a better, brighter, and more interesting place!

Flowers for Teacher

So how do you thank your teacher? What words or gesture could possibly be enough for the people helping you unlock your future? Well, in this it is really the thought that counts.

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