November 2015

Bouquet of Flowers to Kiev, Ukraine

Certain colors can evoke feelings of warm weather and sunshine, even during the coldest winter days. Our professional florists have put together a charming bouquet to Ukraine that will bring summer to homes and hearts of your recipients, no matter what the season. Your special someone, dear family member, or friend will receive a fresh arrangements of classic red roses, green chrysanthemums, and bright orange spray chrysanthemums in a stylish wrapping paper suitable for your particular occasion. Say Happy Birthday, I Miss You, Cheer Up, or just brighten their day with love, warmth and fresh blooms.

Chocolate & Roses to Jurmala, Latvia

There’s nothing more important in any relationships than demonstrating you respect, support and care for the person. And the best way to do so is to be with the one you care about through thick and thin. Either it’s a birthday, anniversary, family holiday, or the time to say ‘Be strong’, ‘Get well soon’, ‘I miss you’ send your special someone a token of your love. A bouquet to Latvia of fresh fragrant roses will be a great choice for any occasion and recipient. Nicely packed according to your preferences it will be delivered to their door and bring a smile on the face. Delicious gourmet chocolate is the perfect match for any bouquet and another great mood booster. If the reason for celebration is more significant, a bottle of good wine or champagne will be quite appropriate as well.

Fruit Basket & Flowers to Sverdlovsk, Russia

Sending a lovely unexpected surprise to someone you care about is the best way to spice up the relationships or cheer up your friends. A festive wicker basket filled to the brim with fresh seasonal and exotic fruit including apples, oranges, mango, kiwi and more will arrive right on time for the big day. A bouquet of fresh snow-white and baby pink roses mixed with lilies and greenery will be delivered in a romantic package if meant for your significant other or in a more simple and classic way for your friends, relatives or business associates. Impress those who deserve it with a gift to Russia that is both delicious and beautiful.

Cake & Flowers to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Orchids are always a great gift to Turkmenistan for a woman or man who appreciates the finer things in life. These long-lasting and easy to take care for plants can be found in a range of colors and sizes depending on the variety. But regardless of the color it always makes an excellent accent plantings to any home or office décor. A vibrant purple orchid is seated inside a lovely planter to create an elegant piece suitable for any celebration. Purple blooms represent royalty, respect, dignity and are ideal when you want to demonstrate the recipient your admiration and support. Compliment the lovely flower with delicious cream and chocolate cake to make the surprise even sweeter!

Chocolate & Flower Basket to Lviv, Ukraine

When elegance meets class there’s a Superstar rose basket to Ukraine that was created by our florists for very special occasions. A cute wicker hamper filled with fresh miniature red roses, greenery and holiday decorations will become the centerpiece of any celebration. Perfect for birthdays, housewarming, Thanksgiving and Christmas it will last for days reminding your dear recipients of your kindness and generosity. To add a more romantic touch to your surprise, compliment it with an adorable plush teddy bear and a box of oh so delicious chocolate candies. To melt their heart even more we’ll include a card with a lovely message that will make them feel extra special.

Flowers to Moscow, Russia

I have ordered several bouquets from Russian Flora from the USA and they are fantastic! Nancy, Katherine, Natalie, Margaret and all of the team there are so professional and helpful, and make international floral delivery so easy for me. The flowers have been absolutely gorgeous on every occasion! The personalized attention my orders have received has been beyond compare, and they have gone over and above on every delivery! I will continue to use them and would highly recommend them to everyone.

Deborah (USA)

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Bouquet to Liepaja, Latvia

Red is the color of love, passion and romance therefore it makes one of the most popular choices for romantic flower arrangements meant only for nearest and dearest. When creating this beautiful bouquet to Latvia our florist were thinking of the most precious moments in every person’s live like the first kiss, wedding day, the birth of a child and all the wonderful feelings and emotions connected with them. Red is the dominating color in this composition which make it a powerful statement that won’t be left unnoticed at any occasion. Spread your love and romance this holiday season and don’t be afraid to demonstrate your most intimate feelings.

Roses & Chocolate to Volgograd, Russia

When your dear parents or friends are celebrating anniversary, significant occasion in the life of the family or a business success, it’s important to show them your care and support. And it’s even more important to do so when there’s distance between you and you can’t be there in person when they need you the most. A classic and elegant way to say congratulations is to send your recipients a gift set to Russia that is both beautiful and sweet. A box of delicious chocolate compliments a stunning arrangement of bright colorful roses that is meant to cheer up and create festive atmosphere.

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