December 2014

New Year Gift Basket to Moscow, Russia

Time to raise champagne glasses in the company of dear ones and celebrate the beginning of the new year! Send your relatives, friends, business associates, or employees a stunning gift basket to Moscow brimming with all the holiday essentials carefully put together by our experts. A pretty keepsake hamper features a bottle of great sparkling wine and complimentary snacks including assortment of cheeses, chocolate, cookies and other savory and sweet gourmet treats. Demonstrate your thoughtfulness and wish special people in your life all the best in the upcoming year with a surprise that is meant to impress!

New Year Flowers & Gifts to Russia

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Lovely Flower Basket Chocolate Tower Chocolate Basket of the Year
Winter Garden Make a Wish Superb Selection

It’s time to turn the page on the old year, and welcome the new one! Rekindle romance, spark a new flame, bring loved ones closer, and send all your warmest wishes to everyone you care about. We’ll help! Just visit and send the loves of your life stunning bouquets, decadent sweets, and sumptuous champagne gifts to ring in the New Year!

Place your order by 26 December, 2014, for New Year delivery between 26 – 30 December, or by 4 January, 2015, for delivery before Orthodox Christmas. Make sure to use coupon code RFNY10 to receive 10% off flowers & gifts to Russia, Ukraine, CIS, & 200 countries worldwide.

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Cake to Yerevan, Armenia

Does your significant other, friend, relative, colleague or business partner have a birthday during the cold winter season? Warm them with your care, thoughtfulness and a sweet birthday gift to Armenia. A moist layer of deliciously decadent cake is topped with rich cream icing and covered with milk chocolate that create a perfect dessert for any sweet tooth on your list. For a more masculine touch compliment your cake with a bottle of fine wine, champagne or even beer and have no doubt your dear recipient will raise a toast to your health as a thank you.

Romantic Gift to Kiev, Ukraine

What can express your passionate love better than a breathtaking heart made of fresh red roses! The fragrant blooms are skilfully arranged in an elegant wicker basket to ensure freshness for weeks to come. Your significant other will think about you every time they lay their eyes on this beautiful composition that screams ‘I Love You’. In addition to the flowers your dear recipient will receive a bottle of Martini Asti and romantic chocolates that will make them a company when you are not around. Sweep them off their feet this holiday season with a heartful surprise!

How to Celebrate New Year in Russia

There’s no grander holiday in Russia than New Year’s! Beloved by both children and adults of all ages this holiday is observed throughout the country with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. Even though the observance of New Year’s Day in Russia is somewhat similar to the celebration of Christmas in Western cultures it has its own unique customs and traditions.

Christmas Tree

A typical Russian family will decorate their house and set up a beautiful Christmas tree (“Novogodnaya Yolka”) not for Christmas like in so many other countries, but for the New Year’s celebration. A Christmas tree is usually decorated around December, 28 and will last at least until January, 13 (Old-New Year in the Russian calendar). Just like anywhere else it’s under the Christmas tree where children find their New Year’s gifts brought by Father Frost (“Ded Moroz”) and his granddaughter “Snegurochka”.

Russian herring salad

New Year’s Dinner

New Year in Russia is a family holiday. But if you get invited into a Russian home, you’re in for an amazing night! At around 10-11pm on New Year’s Eve, the whole family gathers together at a big table to give a farewell to the old year and welcome the coming one. The New Year’s festive table is overflowing with numerous delicious dishes and delicacies traditionally served during the holidays. It is a symbol of happiness and abundance for the upcoming year. Olivier salad (meat salad), caviar, Holodets (jelled minced meat), Pelmeni (meat dumplings), Herring salad, Vinaigrette (beets salad), and of course famous Soviet Champagne (“Sovetskoye Shampanskoye”) are the essential part of New Year’s celebration in Russia.

New Year

Kremlin Chimes

Before the stroke of midnight, Russian families turn their TVs on to listen to the President who addresses the nation with a short speech in which he reflects on the past year and thanks everyone for their support. Right after the speech, the Kremlin chimes start counting down the last ten seconds of the year. When the midnight bell rings twelve people break open the champagne bottles, raise toasts, and wish each other ‘Happy New Year!’ (“S novym Godom”). People believe that every wish that is made while chimes are striking will come true.


New Year’s Gifts & Fireworks

Right after midnight children and grown-ups rush outside to enjoy colorful fireworks, a big part of New Year’s Day in Russian. Beautiful fireworks are followed by exchanging of New Year Gifts. If children are already asleep they will find their sweet gifts and wrapped presents the next morning under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus vs. Father Frost and Snow Maiden

Instead of Santa, Russian children believe in the no less mythical Father Frost who wears a long blue or red fur coat, a matching hat, and carries gifts in a large bag on his back. Unlike Santa, Father Frost drives three horses and has a magic staff that has the power to freeze everything around him. His granddaughter, the Snow Maiden (“Snegurochka”) wearing a blue coat with either a blue hat or a crown usually accompanies him and helps distributing gifts between children.

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Flower Basket to Tula, Russia

Ich wurde sehr Überrascht, was für einen Guten Service vom Russian Flora angeboten und ausgeführt wird. Ich kann nur meine Weiterempfehlung geben.

Ich wünsche Russian Flora alles Gute und macht weiter so.

I was very surprised by the amazing service offered and provided by Russian Flora. I can only give my best recommendations. I wish Russian Flora all the best. Keep up the great work!

Jürgen M.

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Bouquet to Lyubertsy, Russia

Tulips are a popular choice of flowers for many different occasion owing to qualities they symbolize. The variety of colors found in these flowers is one of the many reasons behind the reason why they became so popular. The general meaning of tulips is perfect love and the purple color symbolizes royalty and greatness.

Sending a fresh bouquet of delicate tulips is a wonderful way to cheer up and brighten the day of your special someone. Beautiful purple blooms are arranged in a stylish bouquet to Russia that will make a wonderful gift for your significant other, friend, relative or colleague at work. Compliment the floral arrangement with a box of gourmet chocolates to make the surprise even sweeter!

Cake & Flowers to Gomel, Belarus

Send your beloved mother, mother-in-law, sister or other significant woman in your life a stunning gift to Belarus of a finger-licking fruit cake complimented with beautiful flowers. Cake is good all on its own, but it never hurts to add more! A lovely blooming orchid in a decorative ceramic pot is a no-maintenance gift that will last for months adding freshness and clean style to their home. The elegant blooms will look incredible on a windowsill, kitchen counter, powder room or desk. Wish a Happy Birthday, say I Miss You, Get Well or Congratulations with a gift that screams style and good taste.

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