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May 2014

Flower Basket to Krasnodon, Ukraine

We found Flowers to Ukraine (Russian Flora) through an online search. We wanted to send birthday flowers to our sister who lives in a small city in Eastern Ukraine. There was no delivery info for her city so we asked about the destination through their online chat. Within a few hours, they emailed to us that they could service the area (for a very reasonable delivery fee). We ordered a floral basket with teddy bear for delivery on her birthday. The flowers were delivered on the requested date. She said they were beautiful. And, we will definitely use their service next time we send gifts to the Ukraine!


Ellen S.

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Happy Victory Day 2014!

Happy Victory Day!

On this significant day let’s remember veterans and those who risked their lives defending the freedom of their countries. Let’s honor the bravery of the soldiers and military people. Let’s say thank you to our grandfathers and grandmothers, and show them our deepest respect, awe and appreciation!

Your heroism will never be forgotten!

Love, RussianFlora.com

Celebrating Victory Day 2014!

Victory Day in Russia annually observed on May 9 is the most loved and treasured public holiday after New Year’s Day. On this day the whole country commemorates the grand victory in the Second World War over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Victory Day is a sacred holiday for Russians who often say that there is not a single family in the country who did not lose someone dear in the Great Patriotic War. On May 9 each year millions of Russians pay tribute to all those who risked their lives defending the country. People honor the bravery of Russian soldiers and civilians whose heroism helped to defeat Nazi invaders and bring back the peace.

The Victory Day celebrations usually start with a big military parade organized by government in big and small cities across the country. The main and most spectacular parade held on Moscow’s Red Square is broadcasted on central TV. After the parade various activities for veterans and military people are taken place. Presenting veterans with Victory Day flowers and gifts is another important tradition on May, 9.

Victory Day Flowers

Carnations are the most popular May 9 flowers and the symbol of glorious victory in the World War II. Red and pink carnations are given to veterans, grandmothers and grandfathers as a symbol of life and freedom. Roses, tulips, spring flowers and flower baskets are other popular choices for Victory Day gifts.

Victory Day Gifts

Sometimes flowers are just not enough to demonstrate your endless gratitude, respect, and love for dear veterans. Here are some May 9 gift ideas appropriate to give to people of different ages as a sign of appreciation.

– A bottle of Champagne or good wine

– Delicious chocolate

– Healthy fruit basket

– Gourmet gift basket

– Or a gift basket filled with your recipient favorite items

It’s a duty of every citizen to pay tribute to the veterans on May, 9. Give Victory Day gift to show that you remember and care!

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