October 2011

Flowers Arrangement to Novokuznetsk, Russia

Dear Sir and Madam,

i would like to say thanks, thanks a lot for everything!!! I am very happy that everything is in the best order!!!!

My girlfriend like the bunch of flower very much and i have also seen it and i have to say that i can really recommend further your great sevice!! And that my girlfriend feel so much happiness and pleasure about my present for her is also your merit, because everything from my order over to agree the date for the delivery between her and the florist to the delivery today ran smoothly!!! Thanks again!!!

I wish the whole team all the best in everything!!

And i am sure that we will come in contact very soon again!!!

Best regards,
M. Hildebrandt

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Oktoberfest Sweepstakes Winner Announced!

Another week, another sweepstakes campaign completed. We would like to thank everyone who signed up, we really appreciate your participation! But as the rules state there can only be one winner.

Without further ado we would like to congratulate Natalia Platitsyna, our Oktoberfest sweepstakes winner! Natalia, you’ve won our Oktoberfest beer basket and we will be contacting you shortly to discuss the details.

Thank you again to all who participated, and remember, there are plenty more contests to come! Just follow us on Facebook!

Yours RussianFlora.com

Win Beer Basket for Oktoberfest!

Russian Flora is happy to announce it’s Oktoberfest sweepstakes contest!
One participant will have the opportunity to win a Basket of Assorted Beers full of imported beers, nuts and crunchy beer snacks for delivery anywhere in Russia or one of the CIS countries.

Register now and get a chance to bring a slice of Munich festivities home! It’s simple…

1. Enter our Facebook page and click on the ‘Like’ button.
2. Click on the ‘Sweepstakes’ button on the left side of the Facebook page.
3. Click on the ‘Enter Sweepstakes’ button.
4. Please fill out the registration form.
5. Get a chance to win a Basket of Assorted Beers after the 19th of October.

NOTE: The prize will be applicable for delivery in Russia and CIS countries only!

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