August 2011

Back-to-School Gifts to Russia & CIS

The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time. New friends, new beginnings, and a wealth of knowledge ahead for everyone who starts school, as well as for their friends and family.

Why not celebrate this special time by sending Back To School gifts to Russia and CIS countries? Here are a few ideas which will make the beginning of the school year special.

A tasty fruit basket is a good way to celebrate the new beginnings with a healthy and colorful gift. Not only will it be enjoyed by school children and their parents, it will also give them a head start for a healthier diet in the new year. Try sending Fruity Happiness. It includes pears, apples, pineapple, grapes, bananas and oranges – a combination where everyone would find something they like! Or choose any other fruit basket from our catalog!

Cake – a great way to celebrate just about anything! And Back To School time is no exception. Choose Chocolate-Dipped Cloud Cake, Drowning In Chocolate Cake,  Fruit Cake, or any other cake from our catalog – they are all delicious!

And, of course, choose a nice flower bouquet or a flower basket for teachers, mothers, aunts, and happy students! Roses, Lilies, Gerberas, Sunflowers, Carnations, and much more – we offer a wide selection for every taste!

Check out Back To School catalog or choose a custom bouquet that fits your taste and budget.

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‘Back to School’ Gifts to Russia & CIS

Summer holidays are slowly coming to its end giving way to autumn and the beginning of a new school season. The first of September is the official start of a new school year in Russia and CIS. It’s a festal occasion celebrated at every school and college by both students, their parents and teachers.

The traditional way of celebrating September, 1 in Russia is presenting teachers and pupils with flowers and chocolates. Here’re some other gift ideas for those who want to congratulate friends, relatives or dear ones in Russia and CIS and celebrate a new school year with splendour.


Bouquet of Roses is a classic and elegant choice for teachers or first-formers who are just about to explore the school life. The number of roses in a bouquet and their color depend only on your imagination, preferences and budget. A bright colorful Summer Bouquet is also a good idea. It’ll help to create a holiday atmosphere and cheer everyone up.


There’s no good celebration without sweet treats children love so much. Add a box of chocolates to your bouquet and any chocoholic, big or small, will be more than delighted!


To make a ‘back to school’ celebration even more special, send your recipients in Russia or CIS a finger-licking cake. In our catalog you can find plenty of cakes to any taste.


Replace a box of chocolates with a delicious fruit basket to please your health-conscious recipients. A basket full of fresh exotic fruit can supply the whole family or class.


Add a playful and cheerful touch to any of your bouquet or gift especially if sending to a child. The bunch of bright colorful balloons will turn the day into a bright memory and make children love the whole idea of studies.

Visit for more “Back to School” gift ideas

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