April 2010

Mother’s Day Gift Traditions in Russia

Mother’s Day is a wonderful family holiday celebrated throughout the world; however, not all countries celebrate it on the same day. The most widely celebrated date for Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May; this date is celebrated by 65 nations. In Russia, though, this holiday falls on the last Sunday of November. Don’t let this fact confuse you, as western customs are often borrowed by Russians and combined with local ones. Besides, no Russian woman can refuse an additional reason to be indulged with attention, care, love, and heart-warming Mother’s Day gifts.

When selecting a Mother’s Day gift to Russia for your dear mom or mom-to-be, the first thing you should remember is to include flowers into your gift selection. Roses, lilies, gerberas, or seasonal flowers are perfect for the occasion. Complemented with her favorite chocolates, sparkling champagne, quality wine, gourmet treats, an adorable teddy bear, enchanting perfume, or other goodies depending on your recipient’s tastes, your Mother’s Day gift is sure to arouse a storm of cheers and gratitude in your beloved woman. Mother’s Day flowers can also make a wonderful gift all by themselves. You can give a lush, beautifully adorned flower basket for Mother’s Day in bright or pastel colors and it is sure to impress!

If you’re ready to spare neither money nor effort, take the time to choose a ready-made gift or create your own unique Mother’s Day gift basket to Russia . Big or small; luxurious or modest, classic or extravagant; for a sweet tooth, someone with refined tastes, or a love for flowers, there are plenty of options. Remember, it’s not the gift itself; instead your attention and care are the most important and will be most appreciated.

Make your next Mother’s Day in Russia an unforgettable one for your mother or mother-to-be. Spoil her with your loving care, tenderness, and, of course, with splendid Mother’s Day gifts!

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