December 2008

Vip Tray delivery

“Dear Russian Flora,
I have been to Russia 4 times and I know things can be poorly done or without good service. This is NOT the case. Your website is excellent and well designed, comprehensive and with lots of choices and easy to navigate. Your follow-up phone call demonstrated professionalism.
Kind regards” Brenda

A Guide to Selecting Flowers as Gifts for Men”

Whether it’s for a boss, colleague, friend, or relative, presenting flowers as gifts for men is a thoughtful and increasingly popular gesture that speaks volumes about appreciation and respect. However, navigating the etiquette of gifting flowers to men can require a bit of insight. From selecting the right type to understanding the significance of colors and arrangements, there are several simple yet important tips to keep in mind to ensure your floral gift is well-received.

Moreover, with the convenience of international flower delivery services, it’s easier than ever to send a sophisticated floral arrangement to the special men in your life, no matter where they are in the world.

Happy couple holding gifts for men
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