November 2008

Composition of 21 red roses to Melitopol, Ukraine

Every once in a while our customers and recipients agree to let us use the delivery photos for our site. We couldn’t be more than thrilled when this happens! It’s one thing to see our studio photos, it’s quite another to see a recipient when they get their presents live! Now, we know, the quality of the photo above isn’t the best. You have to keep in mind our couriers are taking these photos live with the camera they have on hand, and yes sometimes it is a cellphone camera. Still, we think this photo says more than we could ever about how important it is to send that special someone a bouquet every once in a while. Lugansk-2

This picture features a nice stuffed bear and a stunning bouquet to Melitopol, Ukraine of 21 roses.

Why an odd number of roses?

In many parts of the world sending an even number of flowers is actually an insult. While in the US a dozen roses would be lovely, people in the Ukraine, CIS, and Russia are counting to make sure the number is odd. 21 flowers (not 12, or 24) is culturally much better and leaves the recipient smiling.

Why roses?

Roses are the go to gift for the true romantic. We aren’t saying other flowers won’t do, you should always pick what you know your loved one enjoys the most. However when in doubt, send roses! They have been the classic symbol of love for thousands of year, and are universally recognize as a flower of passion, romance, and commitment. In the love language of flowers, roses are the queen! And when you dive into the subtleties that each different color of rose offers it’s easy to see why these flowers can truly say it all when it comes to expressing your affection.

Red – Probably the color you think of when you think of roses. Red roses stand for traditional love and romance. The real iconic classic of these heart melting flowers.

Pink – Actually there are a few shades of pink roses, and they can rage in meaning. A light pink rose is a associate with gentleness and admiration, this color can be a platonic gift, or mixed in to show the layers of devotion you feel for your partner.  Dark Pink roses stand for gratitude and appreciation. Perfect for a Woman’s Day bouquet, or Thank you gift.

Lavender – The lavender rose is one of the more ethereal flowers. This delicate color means enhancement, majesty, and love at first site. Truly the fairy tale meaning of flowers. This subtle message and elegant color makes these flowers perfect for wedding bouquets, anniversary flowers, or simply saying I Love You.

White – Like many flowers, white roses stand for purity, innocence, sympathy, and spirituality. They make elegant addition to baby bouquets. Or a touching sympathy or get well bouquet to Ukraine.

Cream – It may be hard to tell the difference at a glance, but true rose lovers will know in an instance that roses are cream and not white. Cream roses stand for charm and thoughtfulness, fitting for a flower that you need to take a moment to look at to truly tell the depths of its color. These flowers are an elegant way to show your admiration for someone. A real keeper in a congratulations bouquet, or to celebrate your years together with a beloved friend or partner.


Yellow – No matter where you find it yellow is a color of joy, and roses are no exception. Yellow roses stand for joy, friendship, and wishing someone well. Bouquets with yellow roses are a real show stopper, and sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Orange – One of the more non traditional colors of roses, a bouquet with orange flowers dotting in is sure to stand out. As it should! These flowers stand for desire, enthusiasm, and passion. This makes them perfect for underlining how much that special someone means to you. Or for congratulating a friend on getting a new job. In the language of flowers, orange roses are the exclamation mark! Making what you have to say stand out that much more.

Peach – sometimes referred to as salmon, these roses are a classy way to express desire and excitement. Use them as accents in a bouquet to whisper “I want you”.

A Stuffed Bear For An Adult? Really?

We understand, often we think of stuffed animals for children. But these are nostalgic and heartwarming mementos that last long after the bouquet has faded. Including a cuddly companion with your bouquet order is a sure way of making sure they remember your gift for years to come. But if you’re unsure if it sends the right message you can always choose to pair your flowers with jewelry or a bottle of perfume instead.

Choosing a bouquet to impress is all about the small details. If you don’t know them, ask our experts! Flowers are what we do and we are passionate about making sure you send just the right bouquet to that special someone. Don’t stress too much, just sending something is really the most important part no matter the reason. Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Anniversary, Apology, or the very best one, no reason at all!

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Splendid bouquet of roses and nice Teddy Bear to Melitopol

Russian Florist Adds to the DIY Craze with Their Online Bouquet Builder™

CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 21, 2008 — With the popular D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) trend, many consumers feel that making gifts and household items is not only enjoyable but also more personal. Russian Flora, an online, international gift and flower delivery company, joins the trend with its BouquetBuilder™ tool, which allows customers to virtually create their own bouquets.

Flower Bouquet Builder from Russian Florist
Flower Bouquet Builder from Russian Florist

When sending flowers to loved ones who live far away, the idea of making a customized arrangement probably sounds impractical. However, with Russian Flora’s BouquetBuilder™ tool, users can select the recipient’s favorite colors and flower varieties to make a unique bouquet, which will be assembled and delivered by local Russian florists. Additionally, the BouquetBuilder™ tool incorporates detailed descriptions and meanings connected to certain flower varieties, allowing users to create an especially meaningful arrangement.

The virtual assembly process is simple. The user can view a large selection of flower types and colors in a column on the left side of the screen. By rolling the cursor over a flower icon, the user can read interesting information about the variety. To select a flower, the user simply drags the icon into the bouquet in the center of the screen. As the user progresses, he or she may decide to change certain selections; simply dragging a flower out of the bouquet area will automatically remove it from the arrangement. Users can watch the bouquet grow right before their eyes.

The benefit of price control is also empowering to those using the BouquetBuilder™. A user can build any size bouquet from a sentimental, single flower to a huge, breathtaking bouquet.

Russian Flora constantly works to meet its clients’ needs and wants. In addition to the customization options that the BouquetBuilder™ offers, they also offer shoppers the opportunity to request customized gifts of any type—tickets to events, local delicacies, electronics, etc. This option is especially popular around the holidays and for birthdays.

Russian Flora provides gift and flower delivery to Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. They have established a large network of florists that assemble and deliver flower and gift arrangements purchased on Russian Flora’s website. By creating a network of established, reputable florists and having multilingual customer service representatives based in the United States, Russian Flora takes the guesswork out of finding a florist for those who want to send flowers to Russia and Eastern Europe.

The BouquetBuilder is expected to find the height of its popularity with the typical DIY crowd of 21-42 year-olds. Whether the user wants to make a funky, trendy arrangement, a monochromatic bouquet, or a more traditional collection of flowers, the BouquetBuilder™ can make it a reality.

About Russian Flora:
Russian Flora specializes in high-quality, affordable gift and flower deliveries to Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The company works directly with established, local Russian florsts to offer deliveries within 24-48 hours of submitted orders. After the founder and owner David Skol experienced firsthand that many of the existing delivery services to Russia provided either low-quality or over-priced flowers and gifts, he decided to provide a U.S.-based service that would provide the type of service he believed was lacking. Learn more at

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Fall Flowers from Russian Flora – special discount for sending flowers to Russia

Dear Customers,

This fall, you can be spontaneously romantic and continuously thoughtful by sending your loved ones the never-the-same gifts of flowers that bring warmth and beauty into these sometimes dark fall nights and rainy days. will help you surprise her with Fall’s featured gift ideas and special offers.

In this issue:
1. Our special $5 off offer to boost the romance
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4. Announcing Blog

1.  Did you know that only 45% of men send flowers to their sweethearts on a regular basis, but at the same time 95% of women wish to be getting flowers more often? Make her wish come true, and we will give you $5 off any order from this catalog! Whether you are sending this gift as a loving husband or boyfriend, a caring child, or a cheering friend, you can bring some beauty into the everyday life this fall. You can apply this $5 off coupon to any product in our catalog. Enter a coupon  FALL2008  to receive this discount. Check out our featured FALL gifts for ideas

2.  Flowers have been the most popular gift for thousands of years, and being as far from a “practical gift” as possible, their power is in their beauty and emotion they give. And what can be better than a gift of joy? This season’s bouquet special, Fall Emotion, is a perfect way to brighten the rainy autumn days with a blossom of delight. Our professional florists will create a collection of fresh fall-colored flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums and more, to highlight the mood of this romantic season. And if you order it with a vase, it can become a centerpiece for family dinners or fall parties with friends.

Another great way to add some color to the daily routine is our Autumn Flower Basket. This lovely arrangement of colorful flowers in a hand-weaved basket creates a unique gift of comfort and positive energy. Blooming gerberas, colorful chrysanthemums and lush greens will make this season bright and inspiring.

Even if you are far away, you can make her feel warm and cozy with our featured fall gift basket Teddy Cookies. Plush stuffed teddy bear to remind her how much you care, a variety of delicious cookies and candy to make her life a little sweeter – what can be more enjoyable?

Also don’ forget about our Bouquet Builder tool which allows you to create your own unique bouquet from:
single flowers

3.      May the clouds and the rain not stop you from being romantic this fall! Only until November 30th, you can get FREE shipping on all orders over $99 in most serviced cities.
Tell her about your feelings with our flowers and gifts, and save more
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4.      Check out our newly launched blog where you can find many customer testimonials and company news:
One of the latest new developments is our multilingual online catalog in Italian, French and Spanish in addition to English and Russian languages. To learn more please see our blog post

We hope that you enjoyed our special offers this fall. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you for your business.

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About Russian Flora: Russian Flora specializes in high-quality, affordable gift and flower deliveries throughout Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The company works directly with established, local delivery services to offer deliveries within 24-48 hours of submitted orders.  After the founder and owner David Skol experienced firsthand that many of the existing delivery services to Russia provided either low-quality or over-priced flowers and gifts, he decided to provide a U.S.-based service that would provide the type of service he believed was lacking. Learn more at

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